Meaningful Monday-How Are You Feeding Your Spirit?


“If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve.” ~Debbie Millman


How do you feed your spirit? If you’re uncertain about how to answer this question or not sure how to feed your spirit. Try asking yourself some simple question.

Do I recognise my limits? challenging for growth rather than pushing to excessive pain or injury?

Do I challenge my personal growth?

I don’t consider myself athletic and sometimes I choose unhealthy indulgence, but I do consider myself a living, breathing, soul always on the quest for wellness. So I continue to work to achieve optimal health and challenging my mental growth.

The most important lesson I’ve learned though is that wellness isn’t being free from disease, it’s about being dis-EASE-free.

Free of anxiety and all the nervous symptoms that accompany’s it; in recognising your limits and challenging your mental growth, rather than pushing yourself to excessive physical exercise to keep the physical body fit.


A few tips for feeding your spirit 

1. Be an Optimist:   This is something I’m constantly repeating. But being Optimistic increases your ability to experience Happiness in your life, while helping you cope more effectively with all the stress of everyday life.

2. Have Hope:  It’s so easy to lose HOPE. Having hope allows you to see the silver lining behind those dark clouds, helping you through those challenging times. Taking one step at a time, and taking your time in figuring out our to get over those hurdles, even small ones, can help you to build your level of hope. No matter how rough time gets, there’s always HOPE!
3. Stay Connected:  Finding and accepting support, whether it’s a loving and supportive relationship or friendship, it helps you feel connected, accepted and promotes a more positive wellbeing. These type of intimate relationships helps you meet your emotional needs.

4. Master Your Environment:  Mastering your environment means you have learned how to best modify circumstances that are unique to you. For the most emotional balance, there should be a feeling of pridefulness and success. Mastery entails using skills such as time management, prioritisation and setting goals along, with believing in your ability to handle whatever life throws your way.

~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards


2 comments on “Meaningful Monday-How Are You Feeding Your Spirit?

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  2. […] additional stress by imagining the worse case scenario possible. It took a lot of years, a lot of mental training shake myself out of the stage of disappointment and think about how to best overcome the obstacles […]


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