Our life is shaped by our beliefs and not by how we live it. ~ Etta D. Richards

Everyone’s responsible for writing their own story but between the lines, you have to come to grips with the reality that you were wrong about what is right and what is wrong. What you were programmed into believing is true, the illusion in your head built by those beliefs and what is actually true.

As you get older, self-awareness gradually becomes automatic in your journey. It may hurt in the beginning but in the end, your story will be beautiful, as it will be written with a more powerful and substantial foundation.

Some limiting beliefs you should consider dropping. The belief that………

Waiting until tomorrow is better than today – No one knows their last day on this Earth, yet we continue to wait until ‘tomorrow’ to do what we could do today. The harsh reality is one day there won’t be a tomorrow, despite it taking us all by surprise when it happens to someone else, death waits for us all without an appointment card. Life can end in a minute, an hour, a day or tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong I do believe in tomorrows but only another day but not banking everything on it.

Motivation is somewhere outside yourself – Motivation is just one of those things that take years to figure out because most people look outside themselves for it. Motivation comes from your ambition and what you feel is significant or has value to you.

Knowledge is enough – It’s true education is something no one can take away from you. However, learning is not enough, you could’ve earned your degree 20 years ago but if you haven’t progressed passed that level of education by enhancing your skills or knowledge you haven’t grown. Yeah, that degree may have been valuable on the job 20 years ago, but how valuable is it now? Personal Growth happens when what you’ve learned continually brings positive changes to your life.

Comfort is your end goal – Comfort has become a human addiction. That comfort zone is the best and easier place to spend your life because you can’t be bothered with asking the what? When? Why? Or How? It’s just easier to ignore the discomforts of life! Your comfort zone is NOT the end result once you push past that barrier a whole new world of awareness, resilience and mindfulness opens up to you. Then your journey can truly begin.


~Happy Friday

©Etta D. Richards

7 thoughts on “Phenomenal Friday-Beliefs To Drop When Writing Your Story

  1. Great post Etta!! It’s so true we have been programmed with others beliefs. We need to start honoring our own beliefs and what feels right within ourselves. You really make wonderful points, especially about education and personal growth. We are or should always be expanding. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

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