Meaningful Monday-Creating Good Relationships


“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” ~John Wooden

Our relationships influence our level of happiness. A bad relationship for obvious reasons will leave us feeling unhappy, unsatisfied and wanting more. A good, meaningful relationship will do the opposite. However, the relationships that influence us most are those we have with family.  Family relationships are the most powerful, especially that between a parent-child because it touches the core of our being.


My youngest is going to be 18 in a few days. I’m still wondering where the years went, they seem to have flown out the window when I wasn’t looking. She still gets annoyed with me when I’m fussing with her hair or asking her where the rest of her dress is or asking her why she’s walking around on stilts. My 21 going on 22 year old is even worse about me fussing with her and is constantly reminding me that she’s not longer a baby. They will never understand that no matter their ages, they will always be my babies but barring all that, they do know that whether they’re 2 or 22, 8 or 18 I as their mother will always have the capacity to generate comfort when they’re in pain.
My realistic-self knows that many children don’t have the same relationship with their parents or parent. There are many who have ambivalent feelings about their parent’s always seeking their approval, respect and love. As a parent, not necessarily a Mom, I made a decision to make a conscientious and continual effort to make my daughters feel loved and appreciated.  Education doesn’t always come from textbooks, it comes from experiences, attitude and interaction with your children; and with the constant saturation of visions of materialism, vanity, the perfection of beauty, it’s our job as parents to teach our kids what happiness really means. To build that foundation that they can carry with them throughout life.


~Have a Meaningful Monday

©Simply D. Etta


5 comments on “Meaningful Monday-Creating Good Relationships

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  2. This is beautiful. Bless you and your children. I love you, Etta D.

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