Every Occasion IS An Opportunity


Make the best use of every occasion, and nothing but opportunities will come your way. He who makes the best of everything will attract the best of everything, and it is always an opportunity to meet the best. There are occasions that seem worthless, and the average person thinks he is wasting time while he is passing through such states, but no matter how worthless the occasion may seem to be the one who makes the best use of it while he is in it will get something of real value out of it; in addition, the experience will have exceptional worth, because whenever we try to turn an occasion to good account we turn everything in ourselves to good account.

The person who makes the best use of every occasion is developing his mind and strengthening his own character every day; to such a person every occasion will become an opportunity and will consequently place him in touch with the greater world of opportunities. Much gathers more and many small opportunities will soon attract a number of larger ones; then comes promotion, advancement and perpetual increase.

~Christian D. Larson


4 comments on “Every Occasion IS An Opportunity

  1. omobim1 says:

    Thanks etta. Nice post.

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  2. Thanks, Etta D! My spiritual mentor J-R has said, Use everything for your upliftment, learning, and growth. So similar! ❤ You have a great blog. Blessings to you and the loves in your life. ~Debbie

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    • EttaD says:

      Thanks Debbie and your mentor is correct. I’m looking for a mentor, as mine passed away a year after my relocating to Scotland 😦 But I thank him for his teachings and words of wisdom that I will carry with me always.

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