For the thousands of Christians around the world, Easter is a symbol of Hope, Renewal and Rebirth. Growing up every Holiday was a cause for celebration, Easter was no exception. Our celebrations began on Good Friday with a feast of Fried Fish and Hot Cross Buns. My grandmother was a baker, so we had an unlimited supply and would eat ourselves into culture fatigue, then eat some more.


Then there was Easter Sunday which began with Church service and racing home after service to pop-open those Easter Baskets. Easter dinner was just a smaller vision of Christmas dinner with Fried  Fish, Grilled Lobster and Ham or Roast Turkey with all the trimmings.

We’d wrap up the Holiday with the annual Easter Monday beach picnic. Ahhhhh, nothing topped basking in the sun while floating on your inner tube, except of course second helpings sandwiches, coconut water with sweet milk and Conch Salad. We enjoyed the break so much that the only eagerness to return to school after, was to brag about how much fun we had during our holiday.


My celebrations have dwindled in comparison and the holiday for me now has turned into simply enjoying the few days of freedom from the office and local events around town. However, this year my daughter’s birthday fell on Good Friday so we had great cause to intertwine the celebrations.


Tell me, how did you celebrate Easter, past or present?

~Happy Sunday

©Etta D. Richards

4 thoughts on “Tis’ The Season To Review, Renew and Celebrate

  1. Growing up, we would usually dress up in our fancy, Easter outfits, attend Church services…& my mother would also color Easter eggs to put in our candy-filled Easter baskets, & cook a big dinner.
    Even as I grew up, we would still attend church service…but would go out to eat afterwards 🙂

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