Wonderful Wednesday-Reality Vs Illusion



Life is made up of a series of illusions that test our  reality daily ~Etta D. Richards

Removing the hazed vision and going through life with optimism is a lot easier when you can distinguish illusion from reality. Reality lies on facts the true facts of your situation and whatever changes you create in your life.  Illusion for a better word is the assumptions you’ve created about your situation.

Reality says: I haven’t failed a dozen times, I’ve found a dozen ways that didn’t work.

Illusion yells: You’re a FAILURE and will never succeed at anything!

It’s entirely up to you which of these you choose to accept and apply to your life. Reality bites but Illusion knocks you off your knees, lulling you into submission with soothing words of sympathy. Don’t over indulge in your own pity party! Pick yourself up and move on.

Learn to separate the reality of your situation, remove the facts instead of letting your mind be clouded illusion. By doing this you will see things in your life falling into place with parts of your life becoming stronger with more clarity. Look at the glass as half full, your relationship may have ended, but you still have a good support system in your friends and family. Your business venture may have failed but there are a lot more idea waiting to be birthed if you set aside the illusion of failure.

~Happy Wednesday

“©Etta D. Richards


3 comments on “Wonderful Wednesday-Reality Vs Illusion

  1. rockbottomofthings says:

    I cannot agree more with you. I think we should keep working to avoid getting into the life-sucking cycle of brooding where we keep thinking over each and every fault and magnify it. I think it also has much to do with our obsessive desire for perfection that we cannot accept a 99%. Not even from ourselves.

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  2. Excellent inspirational post! Perfectly delivered! What an exquisite photo! All will stay with me for mos . Love this! Kind Regards-K

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