Wonderful Wednesday-Maintaining Your Timeline



“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” ~Tony Hsieh,


There are opportunities and there are opportunities, there are new ones popping up every day whether it’s a business, relationship or opportunity for personal development. Every now and then I’m offered the opportunity to join some business venture. Sure, I would give up my day job in a heartbeat if it meant starting my own business or joint venture with someone but that’s not in my timeline, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but another resignation letter is definitely in my timeline.


The recipe for success is like any other recipe, there’s a method. First, you gather your ingredients(skills), measure them carefully, then you start to blend it all together and if you followed the recipe just right you would end up with a beautiful product.


The thing is someone else’s timeline is completely different than your timeline and if you don’t have you should. Sure you can study others who have done or are doing the same thing you would like to do but you will have your own ideas to add to that mix. So many people skip through their timeline racing the finish line, then fail midway because they’ve missed so many steps along the way. On the same token someone pursuing their goal doesn’t necessarily mean you have to tag along for the ride unless of course, you both share the same vision.


As good as it would feel to jump on a ship that has already set sail or a business that’s already up and running but nothing feels as good as finishing your own race, achieving you own goals instead of just following the crowd.


Don’t fall short on your own achievements by living someone else’s dream, stay in pursuit and work hard on what you want. Follow your timeline, prove to yourself that how committed you are to your plan.


If you are at that point where you are ready to either start off on your own or with someone else, ask yourself these three important questions:

1. Is this the right path for me?

2. What do I have in common with my partner?

3. Is what I’m going fulfilling my goals?

If you can’t answer any of these questions honestly or you have to think too hard to come up with the answers, reconsider your decision to follow.


~Happy Wednesday

©Etta D. Richards


11 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday-Maintaining Your Timeline

    1. Thanks Debbie, I learned a lot researching the topic. I found that everyone has a timeline of progress but too often people try to fit into other people’s timeline and get a head of themselves. Then frustrated when things don’t work out the way they thought they should.

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      1. God, EttaD. I really appreciate this. I’m also aware that sometimes I get ahead of my OWN timing (like I think I need to go faster than what my heart is actually calling me to do.) You have a great blog, and love that you researched this. What a gift you are. Blessings to your weekend, Debbie

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      2. You’re welcome Debbie. I often did the same, try to RACE ahead of my timeline before I said STOP, WAIT, REFLECT. Then hope back to my own timeline 😉
        We are a blessing to each other, I’ve learned so much about forgives through your blog. xxx


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