Meaningful Monday- Near Term Comfort vs Long Term Fulfilment


“Our life is the sum total of all the decisions we make every day, and those decisions are determined by our priorities.” ~ Myles Munroe

It’s Monday morning and I feel like doing absolutely nothing. It’s a rainy day here in Scotland, the first in a much of a few weeks believe it not, the weather has been fairly dry for the most parts and we’ve had some gorgeous sunny days, cool but gorgeous. It’s two days away from my Mom’s trip back home, after spending five months here it’s going to be tough saying goodbye. Last year when we were planning her trip I was in a tailspin wondering what to do with her for four whole months. Being back home was different because we were both living our separate lives but having to entertain her for all that time and it was many, many years since we had shared the same roof, sent me spinning.

Looking back on it now, all that worry and preparation was unwarranted. We took each day as they came, prayed for good weather but settled for what we got. I had work, she garnered friendships through a local church and a few volunteer groups in town. So though we were under one roof our lives were still separate, she was here to visit us but she also maintained her independence. So, in the end, we both enjoyed our time together and sad to see it end.

Everyone have their own “Priorities” things that are important to them and things they would like to do or not do. Too often we put stamps on our lives, we use the word “busy” as an excuse to get out of certain situations, get rid of certain people or to simply free time up for ourselves. But sometimes you have to step back and ask. Am I really busy or do I just need to Prioritise my life?

We unintentionally or sometimes intentionally prioritise near-term comfort above long-term fulfilment. Then get stuck in the middle when our lives become congested with events that are not important or has a temporary life span. After not seeing her in person for three whole years, I now value the long-term fulfilment of having my Mom visit us for four months.


Priorities are what keeps us focused and I’m sure you have your own. Think about what matters to you most today, what your priorities are just now. It might be a starting a business, revamping an existing one, going after a promotion or handing in your letter of resignation. It may be reuniting with an old friend or spending quality time with family.


~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards

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