Wonderful Wednesday-Preparing For Every Event In Your Life, Including Success


“I will prepare and someday my chance will come.”
~Abraham Lincoln


When embarking on anything you always pack what you need for wherever you’re going to or whatever you’re going to do. My husband’s a photographer and anything he has a photo shoot he spends a lot of time preparing, packing his cameras checking his lenses and checking the weather if the shoot is going to be outdoors. The same goes for me if we’re taking a road trip, I quickly exchange my compact bag for my carry all bag, check and recheck for any quick stops there maybe along the way; I pull out my walking shoes, pack snacks, bottles of water and whatever else we may need. Being a mother I learned first hand not to get caught unprepared when taking any trip, long or short. Many of you probably do the same when taking a trip somewhere or preparing for a holiday.

The whole point I’m trying to make here is. If you prepare for events such as travel, birthdays, holidays! Why is it that so many people who want to be successful, never prepare for success? No one sits around dreaming of being a doctor without preparing for medical school or a CEO and not do anything to get them there. What are you doing today to get you to that level where you want to be, that level where you feel can look on your achievements and be proud of yourself instead of beating yourself up about not being where you want to be?


No one dreams of doing something without also dreaming of how to do it

~ Etta D. Richards


It’s essential to hold in your mind the life you want to live and the intelligence to use your core strength to help you survive any obstacle that may be keeping you back from the success you want to achieve. I’ve spoken to people who say they want to be self-employed but when asked what they’re doing to get there, there’s usually a long list of nothing. They’re not researching the market or preparing themselves for that particular business.


Jump and grown your wings on the way down ~ Les Brown


You’re ability to do anything lies on your motivation in getting it done. Success doesn’t come to those who wait, it comes to those who prepare themselves for it and work hard to achieve it. I know I toss that word around a lot but success isn’t reserved for the lucky few it’s available to everyone one of us and it comes in many forms. My daughter, a few weeks ago successfully graduated High School with several offers to College that will lead to transition into University. A friend of mine just recently was successful in obtaining her PhD, while another successfully launched her home-based business after years of planning and often vacillating on whether or not she wanted to leave her 9-5er.


Prepare for what it is you wish to achieve then sit back and watch the pieces fall into place. Use your core strength to overcome any obstacle or changes that may pop up in your path, accept them as stepping stones to growth.

~Happy Wednesday

©Etta D. Richards

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