Wonderful Wednesday: Adjusting Your Train Of Thought



“There are things I can’t force. I must adjust. There are times when the greatest change needed is a change of my viewpoint.” ~ Denis Diderot

The world needs more dreamers, doers, heroes and believers; with people wanting to be all of these and more the law of attraction has gained popularity over the years leading to more dreamers rather done doers, more believers than heroes. From last week’s blog, you know that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is just plain insanity; so is continuing to flood your mind with negative thoughts and expecting your world to be filled with positive actions. By now you know that the law of attraction is not about daydreaming of being successful and having your business magically take a turn for the better, it’s about changing your train of thought and keeping that sequence going…..

“The negative questions are always easy. Confidence is easily broken. But it’s up to you to break the cycle and maintain the positive changes you’ve made in your life, don’t let one bad experience pull you back into the cycle of insanity. You may ask: “What if many bad things happen?” excerpt Living Through Life’s Insanities

Changing your thought means not waiting for the other shoe to drop when you’re hit with a bad spell of events. We all have bad days, everyone goes through a phase of misfortune and missed opportunities but the key is to stay on the treadmill and not losing sight of what’s on your horizon. When bad things happen, you were missed over for that promotion or didn’t get that job offer. Maybe you lost your wallet or house keys. Don’t try to convince yourself that you’re stuck in some dark vortex by setting off a chain reaction through playing out in your head a slew of predestined unfortunate events.

Whenever I get news from back home that someone has died, I still find myself repeating the paradigm that death happens in threes. Maybe this is true but that only proves that old paradigms are indeed had to move away from but they should not take charge of your life. Just as you train yourself to anticipate bad things happening, try shifting those thoughts in anticipation of good things happening by training your thought to believe it so. If you were passed over for a promotion anticipate something better coming your way. Lost your keys? Backtrack your steps to where you last placed your keys, if that doesn’t work ask your toddler. Don’t have a toddler? Ask your other half more often than not misplaced keys are right under our noses unless they’ve been moved to a safer place by someone else.

Download my worksheet to help you on your journey to  adjusting your train of thought

If you’ve found this worksheet helpful to your development, please let me know in the comment section below.


~Happy Wednesday

©Etta D. Richards


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