Meaningful Monday- Six Ways To Fail At Anything


“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

~ Henry Ford

This post is completely different from my normal blogs that preach success, pursuing your dreams or personal development because I come to realise that some people out there, are still stuck in that mode of complacency and constant lacking the motivation to move past that that first failed attempt at pursuing whatever it is they want in life. Some of these people are at the highest level of education, some are laypersons, some are climbing but still getting distracted along the way.
It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, your career level or how many times you’ve won at Monopoly, a friend of mine was so happy she had won the game during their family Monopoly night, the first time in the ten years of “family night” she said and it felt great as she now has bragging rights. But now I’ve digressed. All that stuff are all happy moments. Moments that make you feel good about yourself because moments like those give you a sense of accomplishment, pride and yes, bragging rights.


There are some people who succeed without even trying. Then there are some who fail without trying and continue to fail because they give up altogether. They get stuck in that “going nowhere fast “phase, never recognising what it is they’re doing wrong. It becomes so hard for them to believe in something better that they continue on that track of not succeeding.


If you’re one of those people stuck on the track to NOWHERE, get off now. If you’re not sure which track you’re on, here are 6 ways to recognise if you’re headed in the wrong direction.


1.  You’re trying to impress everyone: If your greatest ambition in life is to impress everyone you meet, then you have no ambition at all. Spending all your time thinking of ways to impress the next person you meet leaves no time to spend on personal growth or pursuing your goals. If you know deep down inside who you are, what you want then there will be no fear of others judging you for not being good enough or you having low self-esteem.

2 . You’re allowing others to dictate your dream: There are always people out there willing to offer you advice on what NOT to do rather than what it is you should be doing. Failure is to continue following the dream-killer team.


3 . You’re keeping toxic or negative relationships: Intimate or casual, a bad attitude is a bad attitude and your attitude determines your altitude. How high you go will be determined by your relationships. But then some people are quite comfortable sitting on the sidewalk. If the basement is more comfortable than the penthouse, by all means, move right in there. Me? I’ve always preferred an elevated view myself.



4. You keep putting off or waiting until tomorrow: Need I say more.  “Annie” is one of my favourite movies, especially when she burst out in song…..”The Sun will come tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun………..” Well, living in Scotland has shattered that notion to pieces because there is NO guarantee that the sun will shine tomorrow.  So you putting off for tomorrow only adds to your list of excuses for why you can’t do something. Yeah, I know, if you can’t get it done today there’s always tomorrow. But how many times have you told yourself that same thing?



5.  You avoid change and growth: DANGER! Change brings with it happiness, success and all that good stuff. But that’s not what you’re looking, right? By all means hold on to old paradigms, stay in your comfort zone. After all, you’ve been living there your entire life – Why change now?

6.  When the going gets tough, you get going: If things don’t unfold the way you want them to. Pack it up, it’s not your gig. This dream thing is NOT for you. The road to success is too rocky, filled with potholes, twist turns and disappointments.


So, have you found out where you’re going yet?



~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards



2 comments on “Meaningful Monday- Six Ways To Fail At Anything

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  2. So great, Etta D! I love this. One of the things I’m focusing on is that it’s ok to look messy and just show up in my creative process!!! YES!
    Blessings and happy Monday.

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