Meaningful Monday- Getting Off The Playground Of Micromanaging Your Life


“Micromanagement is the destroyer of momentum.”
~Miles Anthony Smith

Breathe, Eat, Sleep……….Repeat! Life should be lived not strangled to death and it shouldn’t be strangling you either. I know in certain situations it may be hard to relax because when circumstances beyond your control arise you become tense, stressed, frustrated and your bodies go into defense mode. But the secret weapon in this situation is learning how to relax and how to let go a little at a time before having the life squeezed out of you.


Some days it could feel like you’re on the right path, others days you feel completely lost and your attitudes begin to fluctuate towards decisions made in the past and your goals of the future. You can’t micromanage every little thing in your life, you don’t have to know the direct path to everything because whether you choose to accept it or not. Everything in life is in the order they should be. Time is the major factor here, in time all of those minute life events will connect to create the bigger picture. Sometimes you’ll see it, sometimes you won’t. The important thig is to reconcile those events while making a significant effort not to delve too much in the past or in the future.


Instead, go with the flow, live in the present. You may sometimes stumble over balancing your ambitions with that of duty to family, friends, career and daydreaming or what could’ve been instead of what is but never stumble over trying to micromanage your life. You will get lost in the rubble.


~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards


One comment on “Meaningful Monday- Getting Off The Playground Of Micromanaging Your Life

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