Meaningful Monday-Why Some People Find It Difficult To Apologise


Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past.
~Tryon Edwards

Despite the fact of my being raised by two of THE most humble grandparents who taught the value of humility somewhere along the way I picked up the attitude that “it was my way or the highway,” “my view was the only view.” With an attitude like that the world became a shallow place because when your opinion is the only opinion you have, you find yourself making mistakes, working harder and blinded by your own ego.

With the attitude of always being right, in your ignorance, you feel that there’s no need for you to apologise to anyone. But as you push the ego aside and gain empathy you’ll find that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your social or economic standing is, everyone has done something they need to apologise for or have had things done to them that warrants an apology.

Though you may humble yourself to apologising to others, it’s important to understand the that not everyone will share your disposition because people who have no sight of their own value and have no idea of their worth will immediately go into defense mode. They will hurt, abuse and insult you without the thought of offering an apology and will remain shrouded in that blanket of security to retain that self-imposed power disrespecting others brings them.

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