“Entitlement is lethal to the wellbeing of not only ourselves but those around because it gives a false sense of Happiness and breeds contempt”  ~Yvette N. Treco


Last Friday I wrote about how believing in your abilities,  in the work you put out there for others and your persistence which brought the success you so amply desired. That the belief that you deserve all the things in your life brings you happiness.


Unfortunately for some, all this sense of deserving can lead to an erroneous sense entitlement. A feeling that the world owes you something without you actually having to work for it. That feeling that everyone around should be doing something for you instead of you trying to pave the way for yourself. This is a far jump from the deserving factor.


People who have that sense of entitlement often display the following traits:

Anger: If they don’t receive something they feel that they’re entitled to anger ensues building aggression towards anyone who is not granting their every wish.

Impatience: We live in a microwave society, where everything is expected, to be produced in an instant. The feeling of entitlement leaves them more demanding of others and less forgiving.

Resentment: Instead of focusing on their own blessings, they become more focused on the possession of others, leading to destructive and negative attitudes.

Criticism: This is a coping mechanism for people who feel entitled. Their entitlement tendency makes them disgruntle and very critical of others.

We all owe it to ourselves and those around us to develop a more deserving attitude instead of one of entitlement. Entitlement is destructive to our happiness and hinders the growth of a positive mindset.

**This is my submission to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday Serial Post**

~Happy Friday

©Etta D. Richards

11 thoughts on “Phenomenal Friday- Four Ways People Display A Sense of Entitlement

  1. I just realize I didn’t comment on this – OMG Etta D! I love this. The beliefs we hold play such an important part in what we’re able to receive, to give, and so much more.

    I love you & love this reminder. About to share on my Forgiving Fridays post for this week. ❤

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