Meaningful Monday-Why Lacking Self-Discipline


“I think self-discipline is something, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.”  ~ Daniel Goldstein
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Producing Mental Harmony


To produce mental harmony we must first bear in mind the great fact that it is not what happens that disturbs us, but the way we think about that which happens; and our thought about anything depends upon our point of view. The way we look at things will determine whether the experience will produce discord or harmony, and it is in our power to look at things in any way that we may desire. When we are face to face with those things that usually upset the mind we should immediately turn our attention upon the life and the power that is back of the disturbing element, having the desire to find the better side of that life and power constantly in view.  ~Christain D. Larson

This is Napoleon Hill’s most ignored secret to success


Napoleon Hill’s The Path to Personal Power focuses on one of the most neglected steps in the life coach’s famous program of success — and one that he personally described as critical to the workability of his overall approach: the formation of a Master Mind group.

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Phenomenal Friday-How To Be A Phenomenal Person


If you don’t believe in yourself or your desired outcome why should the rest of the world? Universal law dictates that you achieve the outcome you expect. By giving reasons on why you want to achieve a certain goal gives you more momentum to achieve those goals, giving you the confidence to expect a favourable outcome. Instead of planting seeds of self-doubt, plant seeds of expectation.

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