Forgiving Friday Classic-Audrey-Hepburn

“I think clothing is transformative. When you put something really beautiful on, you feel something. In so many ways, were always playing a form of dress-up – it’s just a grown-up, much chicer version of it. It’s nice to be able to be whoever you want to be.”
~Jason Wu


“I have nothing to wear!” Says the lady with a wardrobe filled with T-Shirts, Jumpers, trousers, skirts, dresses. “What day is today?” Asks the lady who really doesn’t care much what day it is because it’s either a work day or the weekend in which case both are pretty much the same because either I’m working for myself or working for someone else. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, getting dressed any morning is tough and serious business for someone who suffers from ‘decision fatigue.’ Especially on those lazy days when you have no obligations of dressing for success or family and no desire to leave the comfort of your bed which is usually the case on weekends.

Anyone working Weekdays are more often than not thankful for the weekend and it takes every effort to roll out of bed and strip yourself of those clothing that makes you feel warm, fuzzy and safe. No ties, no suits, no heels, no having to whip that hair into some presentable fashion for two whole days.


I had a pair of sweats that I wore all the time, in fact, the only time I didn’t wear those saggy bottoms and grey top was when I was either when they were in the wash or I was leaving the house. They were my comfort clothes, they made me feel safe and hid all the lumps and bumps. But my mood was as saggy as those clothes. It’s no secret that the clothes you wear make you feel a certain way and does have a huge effect on your mood. The ‘power suit’ definitely lives up to its name as in my previous job it was recommended that standard wear for formal meetings were black or navy blue suits. At first I was like Naaa,  black I’ve always considered way too hot for the tropical heat and Navy Blue really wasn’t my preferred colour but there was just something about standing in front of a mirror and seeing an image that speaks  confidence, success and through the roof, self-esteem staring back at you! And it also settled my ‘decision fatigue.’ Score 10 for diplomacy!


Back in her day, Audrey Hepburn exuded the glamour, she made pinned leg trousers and shirt look classy.


If it makes cringe to give those gym wear or casual saggy baggy look a holiday. I know a woman who dresses up in Jeans, a button down and wears lipstick to clean house, this may sound a bit extreme but she said it made her feel sexy and more energised. And know she was not Audrey Hepburn, she was a working mother of 3, the 3rd child being the husband.  But my point is, I’m not saying give your comfort clothes a permanent holiday, I’m saying you shouldn’t spend your life in them because if you want to transform or bring some change to your life, it means going all the way. You have to reflect the image of that transformation. Back home it wasn’t unusual to see ladies with rollers in their hair or wearing night caps in the food stores, at the service station or even dropping their kids off at school. Here in the UK, Tesco Stores  gave their managers authority to eject anyone shopping in Pyjamas or housecoats. I’m a bit on the fence with that decision because if you realised you’ve run out of milk at 12:00 am and have to get the kids out or leave for work at 7 am you’re most likely to toss on a coat and race out in your night clothes without a second thought, rollers in hair, bedroom slippers and all.


Dressing well isn’t just for the illusion of being successful or to impress; so the next time you pull something from your wardrobe remember,  you the wearer will not only be projecting a certain image but will also adopting the character of the clothing you’re wearing.

Next week I’ll continue with “How NOT to be a Casualty of Casual Friday?

**This is my submission to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday Serials**


~Happy Friday and Cheers to The Weekend.

©Etta D. Richards