Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Occupy Your Mind!



“Whatever you allow to occupy your mind you magnify in your own life. Whether the subject of your thought – be good or bad, the law works and the condition grows. Any subject that you keep out of your mind tends to diminish, because what you do not use atrophies.”  ~Emmet Fox


7 comments on “Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Occupy Your Mind!

  1. The state of New York does have a program that will pay you to care for your loved one but I work full-time. I cannot take care of my brother. As I’m sure you see from the newspapers and TV the American government is in Chaos. They are trying their best to take away health care from everyone.

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    • EttaD says:

      Yeah, I see America right now is in a well organized state of Chaos. It’s unbelievable how far the country has fallen in just a few month. Sigh!
      Wishing you and your bother all the best. I’m certain something will work out, just keep the faith. xxx

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  2. True. I am guilty of worrying especially when it comes to my brother Stephen. After getting the news last month of cutbacks and layoffs in his Group Home Residence and at his Day Program it is hard not to worry since I am not in a position to take care of him. Sadly the American government has deemed people with developmentally disabilities as unimportant. They can’t vote so they don’t matter.

    I can’t begin to tell you of the numerous times I’ve called his Residence only to hear background chaos because there are not enough staff to care for the people. Understaffing sets the stage for neglect and accidents. Stephen’s Day Treatment program has taken hits also. Some programs and services have been eliminated. Slowly America is returning to the horrors of warehousing ie Willowbrook. I still don’t understand how the USA can justify neglecting those with Autism. Why budget cuts and layoffs?

    I don’t like the idea of my brother sitting in front of a TV doing nothing and Stephen likes to get out on the town but if there are no staff then what happens. I must admit I’m more than worried I’m downright frightened of what may happen next. I’m constantly on the phone with various elected officials but I truly wonder if my voice makes a difference. I will have Stephen with me this upcoming August weekend only because I’m on vacation. I wish I was rich and wealthy then I’d have Stephen live with me so I could protect him and care for him myself. I feel as though I’m an Army of One on a lonely road.

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    • EttaD says:

      I feel your pain and understand your concerns regarding care for your brother. Don’t how it works in America but are there any charitable organization that could possibly assist with your brother’s care?

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      • No. Not Really. Disabled people rely on the government. The State and Federal government are the ones that provide SSI and Medicaid which pays for him to be in the Group Home. Anyway I cannot pay any private organizations to help me. Government rules and regulations determine what and who gets funded and how funds are distributed. Believe me I’ve tried everything.

        America only works for the rich and wealthy not for those in need.

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      • EttaD says:

        Wow! I thought America would be like most developing countries, back home, parts of Europe as well as here there are charitable and private organizations that get funding from corporate donors or huge fundraising. These institutions often offer services free of charge to disable persons FREE because the money comes from donors and not the families themselves. In addition to that, Europe and UK have government funding for persons with disabilities as well which is often paid to a career or care home.

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  3. Absolutely true and agree totally with your words

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