“I look for two things when I hire a new employee: ambition and humility. Without a proven track record of initiative and ambition, it’s likely the person becomes a drain rather than a contributor to the company – even the really smart, talented ones.”
~ Justin McLeod


Every job interview I’ve been on, one of the questions they always ask is “what skills do you bring to this position?” In my mind, I’m saying “haven’t they read my CV?”  Yes, but at this point of the interview, they want to know my level of understanding, what is my contribution to their organization besides what’s written on paper, what distinguishes me from all the other candidates. Will I be a valuable employee to their organization.


Traditionally, being an essential employee means your position is vital to that company or organization, the CEO is considered more essential than the receptionist, however, the receptionist is the first person anyone walking through the doors of that company or organisation will meet before even reaching the CEO. So in a non-traditional way, that receptionist is essential to the daily operation of a business. It takes more than what’s written on paper to prove your worth. It doesn’t matter if you went to an Ivy League, State or Community College, your level of degree won’t matter to them at all if that’s the only thing you can bring. Valuable employees are not just matched by their skills or talents, they are matched by what they can bring to the table.


If you want employers to look at you as an essential part of their pool of employees you must show them what sets you apart from the rest. Why you consider yourself to be more than just someone working for a paycheck by:

Building bridges instead of burning them: I’ve been the newbie at work and have had team members turn their backs on my whenever I asked a question. For some reason I’ve always been hired during times of restructuring, having gone through two restructures in one organziation in an eight-year period myself I know how uneasy it is for veteran employees seeing new ones coming in. But instead of encouraging camaraderie they burn all bridges to the newbie. In cases like that, you just continue on your own path by educating yourself on what’s necessary for you to carry out your commitments at work.


knowing how to lead as well as follow: If you’re the team leader, pass the baton once in a while by allowing someone else to grow on your team. It doesn’t make you look weak, it shows you can be a leader as well as a follower while building a great support team because your team can trust you and will support based on that trust. I had a boss who allowed me to grow on the job while supporting me each step of the way, in turn, she earned my respect as well as support on the job when the company attempted to push her out.


Being the embodiment of that company’s core values: you should demonstrate the values of your company through your behaviour and attitude. As its representative, on or off the job you should be the embodiment of what your company stands for.


Continuing to Development: Life is about learning, constantly evolving into a powerhouse of knowledge. With so many opportunities for distance learning and training, there is no need to be out of touch in your field. Even as a writer or Journalist, there are courses that can improve your writing skills and knowledge of grammar. And a lot of these courses are Free depending on the country you’re in so stop making excuses for not having time to sit in a classroom.



These points can be carried into to relationships outside of work as well

Build bridges, don’t burn them: Relationships end, family members are falling out all the time. Don’t burn those bridges, things may fall apart but that person that hurt you doesn’t have to be tossed into the abyss. If they contribute nothing to your development no guilt in burning that bridge but if it’s a matter of difference of opinion remember the hand you stepped on going up, may just as well be the one that catches you when you fall.


Know how to lead as well as follow: You don’t always have to be right! Sometimes it great just to listen, wisdom can be found in silence.


Be the embodiment of your relationship: Be the friend or lover you would like to have.


Personal Development: Often, as you grow you tend to become more aware of what is wrong in your relationships because coming into your own it’s more evident to see what you disagree most with, in others.


~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards

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