Meaningful Monday-5 Superpowers You Should Be Using Everyday


I always wanted Superpowers, then one day I realised I’d had them all along. After that life became a lot more interesting because I dreamt dreams I was told I shouldn’t and did things I never thought I could.  ~Yvette N Treco

If you don’t consider yourself to be a superhero then maybe you’re not. But that doesn’t stop you from having exceptional or extraordinary powers or abilities to do what comes naturally to you. The abilities we do have are often taken for granted and are never missed until they’re taken away from you either by illness or an accident of some kind.

5 abilities you may never think of as exceptional or extraordinary:

Thought: Thinking fuels the imagination, it feeds our creativity and increases the efficiency of our actions. Yet so many people fail to think things through before they act, only after thinking a situation through that we become more aware of a solution and see things are they are rather than how we imagine them. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Reading: 50% of all communication is written. After learning to speak and walk the next stage of development is learning to read, write and comprehend. We go from Fairy Tales and Bed Time stories, then gradually move on to textbooks at school. We read novels for entertainment and newspapers or magazines for newsworthy information. Switch off the TV and pick up a book! In 10,000 hours you could be an expert in anything. I’m currently in the middle of ‘Love and Law’ by Ernest Holmes.

Focus: I used to think multitasking was a superpower for the gifted. I used to pride myself on being able to multiple tasks at the same time, however, found that multitasking diminished my efficiency to do several things at once. While I had the ability to write an email, and make a phone call, only one task got 100% of my attention. Reducing my overall performance output.

Movement: Don’t become a couch potato. Walking, Wheeling, and Jogging more than provide ample exercise,  it also help to clear the clutter going on upstairs. Taking in a breath of fresh air and moving at a comfortable pace can quickly clear your mind from all the chaos by getting your blood pumping and allowing your thoughts to flow freely. I always run into a lady in the park who’s wheel chair bound, she said even though it’s easier for her to hire a dog walker, she enjoys taking a wheel around the park because it clears her mind and gives her lots of inspiration for her crafting.

Start: Each morning you get up is a fresh start! Starting something means you’re halfway there. Stop dreaming and start doing. Some of the greatest ideas were never made to the production room because the minds behind them were too afraid to turn their dreams into reality. Just think, if Steve Jobs went on dreaming without starting, there would be no iPad, no electronic notebooks, no iPhones!

We often take life for granted and the superpowers that come with them as everyday occurrences.

~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards


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