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  2. So true, EttaD! Funny, I started changing my phrasing when I say “I’m busy” to “I’m active” – keeps in more positive and my mind and heart opened to possibilities and enjoyment 🙂 Thanks for a great post. Love, Debbie

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  3. They do say if you want something doing ask a busy person!

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  4. Absolutely true quote on Time.

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  5. I would say Prioritize because you really don’t have time to do everything. Most people either work or go to school and by the time you add in the commute to and from the job, plus chores, caring for family members then one is expected to eat right, exercise and get 8 hours of sleep. Too many Americans burn the candle at both ends. I know many workaholics and people who are juggling more balls in the air than there are hours in a day. There was a study that showed more Americans do not use all the vacation time allotted to them. Seems everyone is on their grind. Other aspects of your life suffer like the family who have forgotten what you look like.

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