Meaningful Monday-Why Lacking Self-Discipline


“I think self-discipline is something, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.”  ~ Daniel Goldstein


Self-discipline is a skill few people have. The ability to focus and overcome distractions in your path involves doing what you know is the right thing to do in the long term instead of relying on short term emotions. It requires sacrificing momentary feelings of pleasure for long term feelings of satisfaction that comes when you achieve what matters most in life.


The reason people lack self-discipline is that they are easily distracted, they often lack the ability to focus. This is not about procrastination, it’s about giving up. Lacking self-discipline means creating a list of things to do but never actually doing them. With procreation, those things are put on the back burner and you get around to them eventually. It’s easy to believe that success is a matter of luck and comes easily to some but nothing comes without consistency and being able to control and direct your inner strengths towards those things you wish to achieve. The lack of self-discipline create barriers w here there otherwise need not be any.


Self-Discipline can be achieved through  self-realization:

1. Forgive yourself for not achieving your goals on the first attempt and move on.

2. Strive to be mindful of what you really want.

3. Ask yourself- What’s the reasoning for my procrastinating? What is distracting me?

4. Don’t label yourself as inadequate or undisciplined, uncover the problem and address it. No problem is unsolvable.


It can also be achieved through daily rituals, as always start small. Create a ritual of waking up early enough to eat breakfast before racing out to hit the road. It’s all about self-discipline, this tiny ritual will lead to larger and more substantial ones. It’s important to be aware of the fact that life can only be manageable through discipline because it’s an essential part of success in all aspects of your life.


~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards



One comment on “Meaningful Monday-Why Lacking Self-Discipline

  1. Back in 1977 I joined the US Army and learned a lot about discipline. Uncle Sam knows how to turn people from kids to fighting soldiers. No whining. No excuses. I finished my four years in 1981 with an Honorable Discharge and some life long habits that I can’t shake like being early for work and every appointment. My co-workers and supervisors joke with me that I’m always early. The last time I was late for work was in 2009 because of subway delays. Since they I leave my house 2 hours early to allow for the certain breakdowns in subway system. Being in the military also teaches you to push through no matter what which is mostly my way unless I’m really sick and excluding the times I’ve been in the hospital other than that even when I’m really depressed I keep in moving.

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