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While it is perfectly okay to stick with the original plan and trust it with all your heart, it’s always advisable to have another plan up your sleeve. In case if your original plan doesn’t end up well on a good note, you can use the other plan and make things work.

Having a Plan-B always puts you at a good advantage and prepares you instantly to succeed forward. Executing it gives you confidence, creates in you a vibe of positivity and helps you to be focussed. On a normal scenario, the percentage for opting a second plan is minimal ( Plan A works out most of the time ) but the success rate of Plan B is more than 95%.

It indicates that it is always better to have a plan under your sleeve. Planning ahead and having an other plan will always put you in a favourable position.

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3 comments on “ALWAYS HAVE A “PLAN-B”

  1. That was my strategy when I was younger. As a young woman I was a real go-getter. Very ambitious. Moving faster than the speed of sound! LOL!! Now that I’m older with various health issues, dealing with chronic pain my body tells me what I can and cannot do. Some days it is a struggle to get through the work week. I’ve had to change the way I do things because I move slower and I don’t have as much energy as when I was younger. I used to be able to sprint up and down stairs/steps. No more.

    I lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. I figured well I won’t drink or smoke like my parents so I won’t get the diseases that killed them. The Universe laughed at my plans when I had a stroke at age 49. My goal now is just to live another year. Things change as you get older. My prayer is that the Lord will allow me to make it to retirement. There is an old saying that goes, Man proposes. God disposes. Or Life is what happens when you make plans.

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    • EttaD says:

      Life all living things we age and with age come limited mobility unless it’s some outside factor involved. I was never a health junkie but did keep fit, anyone past the age of 40 and still bouncing like they’re 20 there’s some outside stimulant involved. Enjoy your mobility and life no matter how limited you may seem 😉

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      • Bouncing after 40! LOL!! Funny! Yes the only bouncing I do now is in my dreams. I still enjoy getting out on the dance floor but no more staying out all night with Boogie Fever. I’m good for one or two dances then time to sit down and find something to eat or drink (non-alcoholic)

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