Wonderful Wednesday- 5 Truths That Are Often Ignored


Everything is impossible until it’s done. Life is hard before it gets easy and we are weak until we’ve lived long enough for life make us strong. Along the way, there are many truths that people either forget or choose not to accept.




1. Life is short, the average human has a life cycle of about 70-80 years- How are you spending your years?



2. People don’t have to like you and they certainly don’t have to Love you! That’s your job, love yourself and enjoy your own company- Stop waiting on the approval of others.




3. The life you create if the only one you will live- Don’t look to others to make things happen in your life.




4. Life changes every second of every day- You can either change with it or stand still and watch it go by.






5. There’s always disappointment before success- This is unfortunate but it’s the breaking point for so many people. The greater the failure the bigger success because appreciation comes with loss.



~Happy Wednesday

~©Etta D. Richards


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