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6 comments on “Today’s Inspiration

  1. We will see. It will be months possibly years before I can save enough for treatment.
    In the meantime I read my Bible. I finally fell asleep and dreamed about my parents. I always dream of Mom and Dad when I am under extreme stress.
    I also read Matthew chapter 5 the Beatitudes.
    I know that I will never attain what I see in Memes but my reward lies in Heaven. For when I step into Paradise my struggle will be over.
    My treasure is in Heaven not this earth.

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  2. geminilvr says:

    that is so true and yet so hard, but when you do it and make the effort, great things will happen

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  3. blackgirldown says:

    Such a true statement, I’m constantly going around in circles, I know a lot of it has to do with my mental illness but I’m fighting everyday to stop the repeating cycle! Sometimes it takes others to point it out, thanks 😊💕

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  4. Yes and will not know how to come out. Words of truth

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  5. Well that’s scary. Does not leave much room for those of us really trying but just not succeeding. I find that to be a harsh statement. Those of us dealing with emotional, mental and psychological challenges do our best every day but sometimes our best is not good enough. Life is a never ending battle. Now I’m considering hypnosis once I get some money together. If I could just shut off my mind then I’d be asleep right now instead of wide awake at 2:20 am.

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    • EttaD says:

      I think the statements speak individually. The fact that you’ve already decided to seek hypnosis shows that you have made some change to your individual self. I’m an insomniac as well and it got worse since I’ve moved to the other side of the world, I can go to bed at 2am, fall asleep at 3 then up by 6 for work. But what I’m thinking of during those hours have changed from missing all the comforts of back home, crying myself to sleep because of that, to thinking about new ideas for my blog, vacations and my plans for the following day. It’s like turning a negative into a positive. If I can’t sleep I might as well do something to keep my mind from going out of control 😉 Hope the hypnosis works out for you 🙂

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