Meaningful Monday-Why Repetition Doesn’t Always Bring Insanity


Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. ~Napoleon Hill

Some habits lead to stagnation, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is insanity. However, in the defense of you dropping those old paradigms that lead to stagnation, a habitual lifestyle is worth it. Practicing good behaviour over and over isn’t insanity, it adds meaning to your life. It’s worth repeating habits or rituals that lead to your personal development. The thought of waking up each day to unlimited possibilities is definitely better than waking up each morning expecting the world to fall apart.

Remember taking small steps are better than making giant leaps, there’s less margin for error. Breaking through the insanity by making small changes in your life leads to a bigger reward. Don’t just overlay the negative thoughts. Replace them with positive ones.

  1. All long as your heart is beating anything is possible.
  2. Don’t accept anything that doesn’t contribute to your well-being.
  3. Be determined in being better than the person you were yesterday.
  4. Defend your right to do what’s best for you.

These changes may seem too small to make any difference, but these little changes can make a huge difference in your life if they become new habits. By switching your routine you can take the insanity out of repetition.


~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards


2 comments on “Meaningful Monday-Why Repetition Doesn’t Always Bring Insanity

  1. Good reminders – great post 😊💜

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