The Gentle Way To Be A Little Bit Selfish


Let today mark a new beginning for you. Give yourself permission to say NO without feeling guilty, mean, or selfish. Anybody who gets upset and/or expects you to say YES all of the time clearly doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Always remember: You have a right to say NO without having to explain yourself. Be at peace with your decisions.”
~Stephanie Lahart


It is always good to be nice and we’ve been taught to be polite. But being nice all the time has its downfall. It opens the door for people to not only grab your attention but also waste your time, energy and efforts because they will see your kindness as an easy way to eat up chunks of your life.

By guarding your personal space and erecting a wall between you and them their interest will turn elsewhere. Stand firm in your decisions to be selfish, turn down any request to rekindle with what I call feeders. They feed on the geniality without giving a second thought to eating up bits and pieces of your life, the more attention you give them the more they will seek you out.

Turn down anything that is not on your top priority list

Four things happen when you find yourself being too accommodating to others:

1. People will come to you only when they need something.

2. You will forget about being kind to yourself.

3. You attract needy people.

4. You will lose valuable time better spent on yourself or those you care about.

Being selfless doesn’t mean you have to completely give your life to others, even   Mother Teresa was sometimes selfish in the midst of her selflessness, she took time for personal prayer and meditate daily in between her selfless duties to others.


~Happy Wednesday


©Etta D. Richards


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