Phenomenal Friday-Don’t Wait For Old Age To Appreciate Time


“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise, you’ll never understand what it’s saying.”
~Sarah Dessen,

As we mature, some would say get older, we learn the true value of relationships, family, friendships, the solitude of our personal space. These are the things that time places value on as a means to say, your time is limited don’t waste it on distractions.

Here are 8 ways to appreciate the time you have left:

  1. Stop engaging in gossip and valueless conversations.
  2. Pay attention to life. Life sends us signs we only need to pay attention.
  3. It’s ok to shut the world out and sleep in.
  4. Chew your food slowly, savour each delectable bite, there are no meals served in the graveyard.
  5. Plan a holiday even if you can’t afford.
  6. Go on a date with your significant other, pretend it’s your first.
  7. Write a note to your future self.
  8. Look in the mirror and say “I Love You!”

When you treat life differently, life treats you differently. Don’t wait for old age to appreciate the time you have left, live like your life depended on it.

*This is my submission to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday Serials, which speaks to Forgiveness and Personal Growth.


~Happy Friday!

©Etta D. Richards


3 comments on “Phenomenal Friday-Don’t Wait For Old Age To Appreciate Time

  1. Amen! Time is precious and the older you get the faster time goes by. I do everything on the list except 6 and 7. I’m Single so the only dates I get are with my brother Stephen!! LOL!!

    #7 is a challenge. I’m only 2 years from 60 so I guess my Letter would be to when I turn 62. It would be Hello Senior Citizen and Praise God for Social Security!! Keep them checks coming!! LOL!!

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    • EttaD says:

      You can write a letter to your 70 or 80 year old self 😉 And you DO NOT look 60! A date is a date, I go on date with my girl friends and we talk about the first time we met, in grade school, high school or college whichever the case may be! 😉


  2. Yes time is indeed precious Etta. 🌼🌼🌼

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