Goodbye August!



4 comments on “Goodbye August!

  1. LOL!! I’ve always Loved the Peanuts characters. Especially poor hapless Charlie Brown. One of the great classic comics/cartoons ever. September is one of my favorite months. I Love Fall. Those crisp Autumn mornings. We are already getting that morning chill here in New York. It is refreshing.

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    • EttaD says:

      Same here, I love all the seasons but Fall has got to be my favourite. All the changing colours, crisp air like you mentioned and best of all PUMPKINS!!! 😉 . What I don’t like are how they’re trying to roll all the season into each other bringing Christmas in with Halloween, Valentines and Easter etc. Kinda spoils the season as you don’t get a chance to enjoy one before the other is forced in 😦 Who wants a Hallow-Iistmas? or a ValenEaster? LOL! LOL!


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