Don’t Take Your Troubles To Bed


The habit of going to sleep every night with all sorts of thoughts in mind is the principal cause of the continuous mingling of good and evil in the life of the average person. The troubles and the worries of the day are taken into the subconscious at night, along with those thoughts and feelings that have better things in view, and the subconscious, consequently, continues to work for more good things on the one hand and for more troubles and worries on the other.  ~Christian D. Larson


4 thoughts on “Don’t Take Your Troubles To Bed

  1. That gets us all the time, it’s hard not to let your last thought be all the troubles of the day. I try to shut-down everything before going to bed and meditate or like you say read the Psalms. Next, to Revelations, they are my favs of The Bible 🙂


  2. I try not to worry but certain problems like health and finances do disrupt your sleep. However during really challenging and trying times I play Bible verses. YouTube has the entire Bible on video and you can listen book by book. Playing the Psalms is very soothing and helpful. Dramatic versions are also wonderful as you get drawn into the action of Jesus in the Gospels which absorbs your mind. Quite helpful.

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