Remove The Negatives From Your Mind


“It is only when you rid your mind of negative feelings that you will begin to demonstrate the things that you really desire.” ~ Emmet Fox


3 comments on “Remove The Negatives From Your Mind

  1. repsychl says:

    Lovely drawing, is that yours? I’m not sure how I feel about this sentiment of ‘removing negatives’ – how do you suggest it can be done? Might not it be better to process negatives rather than get rid? Thanks for posting 🙂

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    • EttaD says:

      Hello, no it’s not one of my drawings. All of my images are from Pixabay 😉

      In terms of removing negatives, processing them is a way of getting rid of them. It’s hard and definitely not easy. It also takes lots of dedication and a few insane moments. But anytime I feel myself stepping into the negative I always start with gratitude, being grateful for everything I have and those around me.


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