Wonderful Wednesday-Advance Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams


“When one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavours to live the life they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”    ~Henry David Thoreau

We all have some idea of what success means. I grew up watching my grandmother flourish in the business of baking and making fried chicken. Bread and pastries were her specialities, tourist would flock to her shoppe the minute they landed on the island to buy her bread. For her, success was making people happy and that she did. From the wears hours of the morning to late hours at night she toiled in her kitchen making sweet memories for her customers.  She often held free cooking lessons for tourist that wanted to replicate her wares back home, sad to say they fell short in their efforts. She never became a millionaire but she had one of the most successful corner shoppes on the island. I had my first cooking lesson at the age of 5, standing on a wooden Cocoa Cola grated creaming butter and sugar with an old hand mixer. I retired that day because my arms felt like they were going to fall off, well until the age of 8, when I resumed my duties after my grandmother bought an electric mixer.


I endeavoured to live a life true to what I have imagined. A life full of adventure, creating wonderful memories with my family and travelling the world without being tethered to someone else’s job but fulfilling my own reality of helping others to live the life that makes them comfortable. My list is a bit longer than that, despite the bumps along the way I’m confident within myself that my dreams will become a reality. Call me arrogant for believing in the impossible, call me ambitious, my goals increase as quickly as I can fulfil them; for each task that is crossed off my ‘vision list’,’ two more are added.


The average person carries around with them a headful of dreams, ambitions, ideas but they rarely act on them because there is so much noise drowning it all out that they begin to believe more in the impossible, than they do in their abilities. The reality of life is that, nothing comes easy and if you’re not willing to fight for what you believe in then why dream? Why birth ideas that will die in the noise of your mind? Why live with confident ambition?


The answers to those questions will be the impetus you need to move forward or the anchor that will keep you where you are. Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.



~ Happy Wednesday

©Etta D. Richards


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday-Advance Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams

    1. Our grandmothers were real Entrepreneurs, where they? Sometimes I can still smell the coconut bread baking and chicken frying in coconut oil and bay leave 😉


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