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3 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiration

  1. True. G.I.G.O. Garbage in. Garbage Out. I try to keep my mind on uplifting and educational thoughts and programs. Sometimes I get depressed but I do my best to read and listen to videos and music that inspires. Since I work for a museum I find Art to be very thought provoking, inspiring, educational and an open world to history from the past to the present.

    One does not have to be serious always. Laughing, joking and being silly has it’s place also. Make time for fun. Many of my co-workers went to Comic-Con. I Loved looking at their costumes via Instagram. I will just wait for Halloween enter into the world of make believe.

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    1. The first rule I learned in College studying programming, G.I.G.O! 😉 lol! lol! You are on the right track though in gaining inspiration. I love listening to music it feeds the soul.

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