Happy Friday The 13th

It’s only unlucky if you believe it is!

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13 thoughts on “Happy Friday The 13th

      1. LOL! Thought I was the only one who didn’t like that institution. The only time I’ve ever been hospitalize was to have my daughters, the medical staff were wonderful, but the thought of being in the place gave me the heeves. I was actually released with home visits just to calm my nerves. I go hospital to have my wisdom teeth removed next week and my nerves are already in knots! :/


  1. Today is my girlfriends 52 birthday so for her it is a lucky day. After many years we reconnected at another girlfriends funeral. That woman died at age 54. Once you get past 50 you value every birthday ever day because that’s when you start losing friends, co-workers and loved ones. My goal now is to make it to 60. Two more years to go but I also know having lost another close friend and co-worker who passed away at age 58 last October tomorrow is not promised to you. She had everything going for her and had just retired but a massive stroke cut her life short and she never got to enjoy her retirement. I survived the stroke I had when I was 49. Sometimes I wonder why I lived and she did not. A wonderful woman gone way too soon. I am 58 so I pray to make it to 59 Feb. 2018 and hopefully to 60 Feb. 2019.

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    1. You will make it. You will live the years promised, never measure your years by someone else’s.
      I hear people all the time complain about how they can’t retired because they want to make it to 60 or 65 to collect their FULL pension. I learned a valuable lesson from my brother-in-law, he took early retirement, his wife did not. He lived to enjoy a few good years of freedom doing what he loved, she did not. Died of Cancer before her retirement , like you said tomorrow is not promised. Those who say they can’t afford to retire, they they take monthly vacations, spend money they don’t have on stuff they don’t need. The very money they are waiting for is the money they may not get a chance to spend.

      Sorry for your loss, losing a friend is always hard and you survived because Stephen needs you!

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      1. All good points. I still miss my girlfriend who was a ray of sunshine. Bright cheerful and positive.
        I’m still debating on whether or not to retire next year. I actually got some great news yesterday from the head of my department which may open some excellent opportunities.

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      2. My girlfriend family needed her just as much. I will will see Stephen for Halloween. Due to my work schedule I won’t see him for thanksgiving or Christmas. I will make the most of Halloween our last holiday together for 2017.

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