In a world where everyone is racing to their day jobs while cramming as many tasks as they can in a single day; where motivation is often difficult to find and inspiration is almost non-existent. You have to stop and ask yourself. Am I really enjoying my life?  

As modern-day workers, you should not be working your asses off to get ahead. You should be slowing down, not to the pace of a tortoise but at a pace that allows your brain to get caught up between tasks. To do this, you should be working less, learning more and thinking about your next vacation not how much you will have left over from your next paycheck after paying the bills.

I used to pride myself on multi-tasking, being able to meet several deadlines and still squeeze in a few meetings, collect daughter #2 from school and make it across town to daughter #2 soccer game. Did it make me a more efficient person? NO! All it made me was an automated performer because once you set your programming to carry out 4 or 5 tasks at a time your system runs on automatic and you stop learning. The thought process does not expand past those programmed tasks, it gets stuck in the infinite looped programming.

The thought process does not expand by doing more, it expands by working less. By slowing down your pace it allows for more time to be creative, more time to learn new things, more time to spend doing things you enjoy and more importantly, more time to spend with the people who matter.  But it to a test. Take 1. Use 1 hour each day doing something outside of your schedule. In one week, you would’ve freed up 5 hours for something that really matters to you.


~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards