Meaningful Monday-How Improving Your Decision Making Improves Your Life



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When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.
~Roy E. Disney

Making a decision and sticking to it may be one of the most difficult things you will ever do but it will also give you the power to trust in your ability to make the necessary decisions to keep in you line with your goals. I had to grow into my decision-making skills, I’m still not an expert and don’t think I ever will, my decision fatigue kicks in every time. It wasn’t easy but life happens when we least expect it.

Being the eldest of my siblings I always wanted to take the lead and made my brothers pay if they didn’t follow my lead. Puberty, however, sent me into a tailspin of insecurities. It was easier for me to have someone make decisions for me and follow than it was to make them for myself. I took this into early adulthood, trusting the others to decide what was best for me without caring about what the outcome would be. Once the burden of making a choice was lifted off me it was all good.


Somewhere between giving birth to daughter number one, that all changed and maturity kicking in my decision making improved tremendously. Call me a late bloomer. The reality was, there was this other person depending on me, hinging on my every decision. How could I make the right choices for her if someone else was making them for me? This was all met with anxiety, self-doubt, fear and all the uncertainties of motherhood. But by committing my responsibilities to her and myself was the impetus to clearing away years of mental tension of being told what to do, to think, that took up so much space inside of myself allowing me to move forward in all aspects of my life.


~Happy Monday

© Etta D. Richards

10 thoughts on “Meaningful Monday-How Improving Your Decision Making Improves Your Life

  1. I also grew into my decision making skills. My Dad was the official Decider for our family and we all relie on him.
    After he died his mantle was thrust upon me since my Mom was ill. It was a difficult time. Once my Mom died I was on my own. No one to ask advice. At that point I became a real adult. I was forced to become self sufficient. I learned from my mistakes. Sometimes I wish I could step back but once my parents passed away all their responsibility became mine.

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