Meaningful Monday-12 Things To Express Gratitude For

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Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.  ~William Arthur Ward

This past Thursday America celebrated Thanksgivings, a day of celebrating with family and friends while expressing gratitude. With Christmas quickly approaching, this is a time of year when you can easily become overwhelmed with the commercialization of the season; anxious about holiday shopping all of which can make you lose sight of all the things that are going well in your life.

Before getting lost in the madness of the season, reflect on this past year. Take stock and recognise all that you have to be thankful for and adopt a spirit of gratitude before you’re hit with the onslaught of the busyness this time of year can impose. Gratitude is more than just sharing lavish meals with family and friends, it flows through all aspects of living each and every day of your life.

12 things to express gratitude for in the form of 12 questions you can ask yourself.
Relationships-Family and Friends
1. What unforgettable memories have you done in 2017?
2. What new tradition have you created with your family this year?
3. Who has helped with your Personal Growth?
4. How many new things did you try this year?

1. Has your performance at work improved?
2. How do you build work/life balance?
3. What overlooked necessity does your income help you pay for?
4. What have you done to make yourself more valuable to your organisation?

1. Have you removed the clutter from your life?
2. What rituals have you created to get you through the day?
3. Have you learned the magic of living in the NOW?
4. Have you accepted you?

~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards


9 thoughts on “Meaningful Monday-12 Things To Express Gratitude For

  1. These are some really great questions to ponder. I myself hate the way each Holiday has become more and more commercialized. I still remember stringing popcorn and berries for our Christmas Tree, my mom always added an old fashion touch to Christmas for us and we loved it. Thank you for another enlightening post Etta.

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  2. My relationship with my brother is great! I live for the times we can be together. The job is just a place I must be now and will leave soon. Retirement is better than the work world. Since my job causes me stress I will be Thankful to leave. My workplace is an unhealthy environment. Lots of pressure especially during the Christmas season.

    As for the last set well I’m a high strung nervous individual. I don’t handle stress well and it does affect other aspects of my life. Subject to anxiety and panic attacks. Finally after fighting it for years and even being hospitalized I realized that I cannot change who I am. One must step into the pain and deal with the daily demons. Escape is not an option. It is true that your personality is set especially as you get older. No amount of doctors, therapists, drugs or even spiritual practices can or will change my core being.

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    1. Ironically I grew up with a belief our bodies were built to heal itself and the mind it he nucleus of our being. I don’t believe in doctors, drugs or therapist because they all alter our natural state of being. I have an uncle with Schizophrenia, when he is on meds he loses time and reality. When he’s not he speaks profoundly and because the masses thinks what he’s saying is foolishness they call him crazy.

      I do understand your connection to your brother and your mental anguish. My grandmother used to say each person has to deal with their demons the best way they can. Whether it’s work, family, society or our own internal storms.


      1. Thanks. The Good news is that Stephen and I enjoyed seeing the movie Thor Ragnarok, seeing the store holiday windows at Lord and Taylor plus the Holiday Train show at Grand Central Terminal. We also took a walk through the Holiday Market. When I’m with my brother Stephen all problems are forgotten and We Let the Good times roll.

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      2. Stephen and I enjoy our time together. We had a great time. Looking forward to retirement and free me time. Any future books will be dedicated to photography. No words. No text. Photos speak volumes making words unnecessary.

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      3. Thanks again. I do believe in holistic approach but my mother suffered from paranoid schizophrenia for years. In mom’s case the medications made a big difference such that the two of us were able to have a normal mother daughter relationship for the last three years of her life. The right drugs carefully monitored can be helpful to specific patients. In my case the doctors gave me pills that were too strong and terrible side effects. The same way that the polio vaccine and antibiotics enabled Americans to live longer, happier and healthier lifestyle so too can mental health medications if properly regulated and monitored.

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