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“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.”   ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Everything that happens in your life is rooted in your sense of self-worth. How we relate to others, how we treat them and how we treat ourselves. We are raised on the Social “Kool-Aid” that you’re not beautiful unless you’re wafer thin. You won’t have a sense of belonging unless you follow the masses of socially acceptable behaviour. There’s an endless list of do’s and don’t we are practically spoon fed from birth. Human beings are probably the only species on the planet with self-imposed restrictions on worthiness.

You may be able to train your pet to fetch but who is training you?

For the sake of feeling worthy, we should not betray ourselves or our values. Accept what you know is true and not what someone else is telling you IS true. To gain the true feeling of self-worth you have to accept that you are fallible, allow yourself failures, mistakes and revel in your moment of greatness because there will be moments of darkness and moments when you’re flying on cloud nine. Life is in constant fluctuation. Don’t move to the pace of other, move to your own pace, enforce YOUR boundaries and YOUR needs, it doesn’t matter what society dictates, make this the cornerstone of your life.


~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards

4 thoughts on “Meaningful Monday-The Importance of Maintaining Your Self-Worth

  1. Another thing I’ve learned and put into practice especially over the last ten or 12 years is that it’s okay to be afraid but don’t live in fear. Take action. I was terrified when I got my Retina Surgery on my left eye back in Jan. 2010 but I reached out and was able to get a free ride to the Retina Clinic where the operation and back home. Facing possibly being blind was a hard road. No I don’t and will never regain all my vision but as least I can see well enough to take care of Stephen, work, pursue my passions of photography and writing.

    Craziness, problems, issues and challenges at work or personal life. Yes it is okay to vent to friends but if you spend all your time complaining instead of seeking a solution you will only get even more upset and frustrated. If the guy acts ignorant or cuts the fool cut him loose. As for work problems one needs to make a decision as to whether to confront head on or get advise or assistance.

    Since I belong to a union I broach the issue with one or more Union Reps. Sometimes one has to go to Human Resources. Yes it can be a frustrating process because many times they will not give you the proper answer or take care of the problem but I just keep searching for the right person to voice my complaint. Actually if you complain to the person who has the answer/solution then complaining is not so bad. But annoying your co-workers with negative talk and dark clouds will cause them to avoid you and run the other way!! I’ve seen this many times at my job so I will seek that Union Rep or a trusted Supervisor who can help.

    In my community well as you saw from my posts over the last several years I’m always calling, emailing or meeting with my elected officials. Obviously there are many things that I cannot do for my brother Stephen and the government is responsible for his health and welfare. The system only works if you work the system.

    I also communicate with my elected officials/politicians concerning the rat infestation where I live. I’m not giving up because I hate, despise and loathe rats. Plus they bite and carry disease

    As you can see I have a big mouth on all fronts!!

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    1. I used to find it difficult asking people for help or discussing anything with anyone for the mere fact that people who I thought I could trust, including my ex were NEVER trustworthy and often used things I’ve told them against me. People always had this attitude that if they did you a favour you owed them.

      Now I’m going back more to my roots in following the advice I grew up on, if you ask someone for help, my grandmother said there are only response you can expect-Yes or No! I am ok of being afraid but I’m no longer crippled with fear.

      Great that you have given yourself the gift of sight. 🙂 ❤ xxx

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