Keeping in line with ‘Humans of Clacks,’ a pet project I’ve been involved for the past year or so. I did an informal interview with a nice old lady I met in the waiting area at work, who decided to engage in conversation while she was waiting.   she was a wealth of information but I’m only sharing her story of Christmas. So this is officially my first entry for my Holiday Guest Post for the year.

What do you like most about Christmas?
Christmas holds a special place in my heart. My husband was born on Christmas day, he proposed to me on Christmas day almost 60 years ago and we got married on Christmas day the following year. Everyone was telling me it was too long an engagement. Why were we waiting so long? But both of us planned it that way we could marry the same day of the proposal and had very little money, so we had to wait. And low and behold our daughter Morag was born on a snowy Christmas day. So needless to say Christmas means a lot to me.

We both grew up in a middle-class family, his father as did mine worked in a local mill. So we had common grounds of sharing stories of children of Mill Workers to tell our children and grandchildren. My favourite part of this time of year is, of course, the snow, seeing the hills and rooftops covered gives a wee magical feeling to the town. Not to mention the tradition of Christmas puddings, Mince Pies, Meat Pies and Ale. Growing up my grandparents made Ale in the cellar and at Christmas, a bottle was given to my Mother, Uncles and Aunts.

What do I like least about the season?
That here is not so much snow anymore. There is not much going on in town, a lot of businesses have moved away. But I guess it is like everything in life. It changes. I don’t like that the holidays are becoming forgotten, a few folks don’t celebrate anymore, some of my neighbours don’t put up a tree because they just don’t wish to be bothered. The Carolers stopped years ago. I understand there are a lot of folks who don’t celebrate Christmas and there are some who can’t afford to do the things they use to. But anyways I like the season and will always have something to celebrate at Christmas.

Thank you, Fiona, for the beautiful interview and insights of Clackmannanshire.
Looking forward to reading some of your submissions.