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We are rarely taught the magic of believing in ourselves. instead, we are taught that we should limit our abilities, our dreams and our goals. We are taught that the tangible is just as far as we can see, anything beyond our sight is unattainable.

Until you learn to believe in yourself you won’t go past the front door of life. We are willing to change everything except change ourselves, we relish in our insecurities and love playing the victim. Transformation only comes when we believe in ourselves, our abilities and our strength, even when people tell us our dreams are too big. At that moment you reject THEIR view of who you are, the transformation begins and everything starts to unfold. Doors will open that was once shut, opportunities will arise you never knew was there, relationships evolved that you never dreamed of and I’m not just talking romantic relationships. I mean business relationships, friendships that will lead to new heights.

But before all this magic can happen you have to bury your insecurities.

1. Stop imagining that the world is against you!
2. Accept that you are good enough!
3. Stop inventing situations!
4. Open your mind, don’t be afraid to dream BIG!
5. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak!
6. Command the stage, the world is yours!

“All the world’s a stage And all the men and women merely players”- As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII. We studied Shakespeare in High School and these words have always stayed with me.

I’m a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. He commands the stage. When he portrays a character he makes them believable. The first movie I saw him in was “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” he portrayed his role so well many people actually thought he was mentally handicapped. Leonardo DiCaprio believes in his abilities as an actor and it shows in his work. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you believed in yourself and your dreams as much as he does in his.

~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards