Use That Broom!


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A GOOD housekeeper sees to it that dust and dirt do not accumulate in nooks and corners and on shelves. Periodically, the house is gone over and given a thorough cleaning.

Too often in our spiritual lives, we allow negative things to accumulate in the corners of our minds. We tackle the obvious problems as they come along, but allow the small difficulties to pile up in the corners, or perhaps push them down into the subconscious, and try to forget about them.

For instance, if you are faced with a problem of health or finance, you will get to work on that immediately, but if on the other hand, someone has injured you, instead of handling it spiritually at the time, you probably tuck it away in your mind, and perhaps pack in a little resentment along with it.

And so with many problems of a like nature, such as envy, jealousy, false pride, and various faults of character. These should be dealt with as they arise. But in any case, if you have allowed them to accumulate, now is the accepted time to sweep them out of the corners where they have piled up.

If someone has injured you, forgive him now, and be done with it. Or if you have injured someone else, ask God’s forgiveness, and claim His blessing on the other person as well as on yourself. Take care of the other difficulties in like manner.

Be a good housekeeper. Do not sweep these negative things “under the carpet” for they will only be there to plague you later on. Clean out every nook and corner—and God will make you worthy of greater accomplishments in the future, because your house will be founded upon the rock of Truth, and nothing else.

Emmet Fox


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