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  1. Earlier this month I was looking at a photo of my paternal Grandmother who married my grandfather in Jan. 1919. I wondered what her thoughts were. I don’t think people in those times really thought about what they did or did not deserve. You more or less took life as it came. Both my Grandparents were born in the 19th Century. No Civil Rights for Black people. Jim Crow. Segregation. None of the stuff that people now a days think they deserve. Funny how people expectations change from one generation to another. I remember my Aunt Helen who was born in 1920 told me how it was for Blacks even in fairly progressive New York. At one point she cried because she explained to me that I one born in 1959 was the first generation to benefit from Civil Rights. So there was a clear delineation between what you thought you deserved vs. reality. We take so much for granted today. Yet in the U.S.A. things are moving backwards to the point that all the gains of the 20th Century may well be eliminated. Food for thought.

    My Grandmother died when I was about 4 or 5 so I did not get to know her well but I do think on what she went through in terms of the children she lost to polio. I’m sure both she and GrandDad felt that their little boys deserved to live but because Polio vaccine did not exist Grandma buried at least two little boys. I suppose that’s why people in those days had large families because you knew that at least one of your children would die. I know that my Grandmother was a woman of faith because when my Dad died I inherited her musical sewing box that still has her rosary. Feb. 11th God smiled upon my Grandparents when my Dad was born. He was the only boy to live. If not for Daddy well Stephen and I would not be here. We are the last Palmers but hopefully our cousins will take up the banner and march on.

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    1. Wow!! What an AMAZING story! Please write a book. You have a fascinating heritage and story to share.
      My grandparents were the same, they lost 2 baby boys before my Mom was born. They lost another two years after she was born, after that they had two more sons and two daughters. I’m grateful for my family and my heritage.


      1. Thanks. I wish I could have gotten to know my paternal grandparents better. I have no memories of my Grandfather as I was a toddler when he passed away. At I have some faint memories of my Grandmother. I even remember her apartment in Harlem since Daddy would take us for visits. In fact I can almost recreate the Harlem apartment in my mind.
        I had more time with my maternal grandmother who was born in 1905. Spent more time with her. Went to Ohio to see her when I was an adult.
        Sometimes I gaze upon pictures of my Grandmothers and try to imagine their lives.

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  2. I deserve these three 3 days of rest before I return to work Jan. 1st!! Right now it is 21 degrees outside and it has been in the low teens dipping into the single digits. Yes! My cat Sylvester and I deserve warmth!! Stephen and our deserved our three days together last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That smile on his face made all the overtime worth the sacrifice of sleep!

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