Forgive And Forget Everything That Seems Wrong!


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We have spent many a weary day simply because we persisted in remembering something that was unpleasant. Forget the wrong and it will disturb you no more. Forgive others for what they have done and you will have no unpleasant memories to cloud the sky of your mental world. When people speak unkindly of you, never mind. Let them say what they, like, if they must. Nothing can harm you but your o wrong thinking and living. If people do not treat you right remember they would act differently if they knew better, and you know better than to become offended. So therefore forgive it all and resolve to be happy. Forgive everybody for what is not right and forget everything that is not conducive to the right.

~Christain D. Larson


9 thoughts on “Forgive And Forget Everything That Seems Wrong!

  1. Those words are so very easy to read but not so easy to do …
    I know those words can ease however my mind, heart and soul are tormented so at present.
    I have not had the easiest 48 hours and my anxiety levels are at their peak.
    I do however wish you a very Happy New Year Etta, and your family and look forward to hearing more from you in 2018 xxx

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  2. One might forgive but you can never forget. Unless you suddenly develop amnesia. I’ve been estranged from certain family members for years but what they said and did was and is unforgivable. We will never be on good terms. Stephen and I are outcasts and will always be so.

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      1. True that. I’ve been able to forgive illmannered rude coworkers but family is another ball of wax. The hurt goes deep especially when you were all raised together. However my main concern is Stephen so me and baby brother are a team.

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