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  1. Reblogged this on Tamara Kulish and commented:
    Just because you are right doesn’t mean that I am wrong!

    We live in a world where we’re taught that there’s a right way and a wrong way. Period.

    I’ve observed that interestingly there’s often times many more realities than most would care to se!

    Why? I think it’s because many people get so caught up in needing to be “right” that to admit that there’s another equally valid side would somehow negate their own feeling of being in the right!

    We win our little islands where we’re right and somehow it feels that if we admit that someone else could be right too that we’d lose our island or have to share it!!

    We’re so brainwashed by society teaching us that we need to be right and stand up for ourselves that it’s difficult to relinquish that thought process!

    I think if we can look carefully at this illustration and meditate on its truths for a while that we can then become open to seeing more realities which will then enrich our lives, rather than taking away from them!!

    Peace to you!

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