Phenomenal Friday-Controlling The Darkness That Debilitates Us!


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Meditation is to be aware of every thought and of every feeling, never to say it is right or wrong, but just to watch it and move with it. In that watching, you begin to understand the whole movement of thought and feeling. And out of this awareness comes silence. ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

The following blog is my submission to Debbie’s Forgiving Friday  series, where she writes about and invite others to share their thoughts on  Forgiveness, Self-Love and Personal Growth. Debbie, thank you and I am so grateful the opportunity to contribute to your blog.

The past five days I’ve spent taming my mind through a 5-day loving meditation course that really helped me increase my resistance to negative self-talk and reaffirm my self-awareness. It gave me pause because it forced me to face parts of my self that scared me, the parts that wanted to give up, the parts that said it’s too much for you to handle.

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