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    Much scarier to think this thought than to daydream about someone else rescuing us from our present circumstances right?

    I think in life it’s infinitely easier to daydream that someone else will step in and change our lives as the responsibility for doing it ourselves can feel overwhelming.

    Then there’s the matter that if it doesn’t work out that we’d have to bear the responsibility on our own shoulders and that can feel too overwhelming, so it seems easier to search for an outside force.

    Yet, what if the universe were waiting for us to act on our own behalf so it could help us in ways we hadn’t imagined?

    What if we’re supposed to take the initiative to make the changes in our own lives?

    Making big and enormous changes are best handled one step at a time! This makes it much more manageable!

    Want to improve your health but need to stop smoking, stop over drinking, eat healthier and start exercising?

    It can seem overwhelming to look at ALL the steps needed in order to achieve a goal, doubt creeps in, and we give up hope in ourselves.

    Yet, what if you tackled each step by breaking it down into smaller, more doable steps, and only did ONE small thing at a time?

    Does it seem impossibly long then to achieve a goal if small incremental steps are used rather than large sweeping actions?

    Honestly? The smaller steps are easier to incorporate into our daily lives and then become a permanent part of our lives rather than a temporary effort we try and then give up on, more discouraged than before!

    Isn’t it easier to start to go for walks than to tackle a whole new gym membership and fitness routine?

    Isn’t it easier to add one serving of vegetables or fruits to your daily meals than to abruptly change your entire diet from a meat eater to a vegetarian?

    Baby steps bring about lasting changes because they’re easier to adapt to and thus easier to keep doing!

    When we start by these types of baby steps we gain confidence in ourselves that we CAN make more changes. Drop by drop. Step by step!

    We all have this power to make changes. Lasting changes happen when we give ourselves the time to adapt to the newness and to feel comfortable with the new step.

    Gradually over time we can make permanent changes. As we gain confidence our steps can increase in size and we can do more!

    Think about starting small to get started! It may not seem like much, but over time it all adds up!

    You can do many small things! We’re all capable of that!


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