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    Spiritual enlightenment (through others teaching/telling you the end results vs. them guiding and providing an environment for each person to process his or her own experiences to be able to learn from them) has become a commodity to sell to others through sometimes very pricey courses.

    We each have our own paths to follow, with our own lessons to learn. The best teachers are those who can impart advice and insight on a subject without telling you how or what to think or act.

    Surprisingly there isn’t necessarily just one right choice or way for you. Even “wrong” choices can lead us to our greatest growth. So consulting Gurus, Ouija Boards, leaders, teachers etc. in order to be handed an answer or told what to do can end up robbing us of our voyage of discovery.

    We each instinctively know when “something feels right” to us, and we also sense when it’s not. Learning to trust our instincts and intuition goes against most of the teachings and conditioning we have received in our lives, but it remains our “True North” our “moral compass”.

    Our lives are complicated and often messy, we live both with the results of our own actions and the actions of many other people. There’s no easy way out, just careful work!

    When someone tries to tell you a choice you need to make, ask yourself “what do I need to do for MY greater good?”

    This one question is powerful because it puts the focus back on each of us, and hopefully helps us to not take what seems to be an easier way out so we don’t rock everyone else’s world!

    Always try to see what the lesson is in a situation, and this has a duality: the lessons are both for us to learn and for us to teach (either directly or by the example we set).

    By looking for the lessons we can see a little bit of sense in a sometimes very confusing situation. By seeing the lessons we can see how the universe orchestrated things so we can learn (even sometimes extremely painful lessons) for our growth. We don’t usually grow, stretch or become stronger when everything is easy.

    As far as life seemingly returning back to the same point over and over? It’s not to punish us!

    Life isn’t just a closed loop where we keep returning back to the start point. It’s an upward spiral, where each time we return back to the start point we have in fact travelled incrementally upwards and have learned something which we bring with us on our journey.

    Not everyone is aware of the lessons they’ve learned because the increments are so small sometimes that it appears there’s no lesson learned.

    By shifting focus to what the lessons are, we empower ourselves to learn. By learning to trust our internal intuitions, we will get in touch with the answers to the question: what choice do I need to make for MY greatest good?

    Others can give you insight, inspiration, emotional support and help, but ultimately your spiritual enlightenment will come from within you, from having processed your experiences and the information you’ve received.

    Peace to you!

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    1. My comments weren’t primarily intended for people in mainstream religions. I won’t encroach into their area.

      Rather it was for the many seeking enlightenment via many other sources available through the internet etc, for which many get duped into paying high amounts of money.

      Much can be learned from many teachers, as I have learned, without needing to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a guru’s “handholding” or “advanced paths to knowledge”!

      All the information we need is free!

      It’s a pleasure for me to reblog the posts which inspire me to speak and add my two cents! Thank you for your inspirational posts! There’s such a variety that they’re sure to speak to a wide variety of people!



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