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  1. Absolutely! One of the best supervisors in the museum said to me yesterday that I am needed in the Union. I’m one of the few who speak up and am not afraid alert the Union Reps as to injustices. This despite the consequences. I can’t stand seeing fellow co-workers abused, berated or bullied. Some cry but I get angry. When I get Angry I take Action.

    As my Dad used to tell me long ago, At work I’m not there to win popularity contests. I tend to be a very outspoken person who will stick up for the underdog, not afraid of the managers/supervisors even though they may issue threats. I believe in Union Strength. Must be the Activist in me because I’ve made nearly as many phone calls and written dozens of email concerning workplace injustice as I have doing Autism Activism for my brother Stephen. My Dad always said I was stubborn and hardheaded!

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    1. Your Dad was right! You’re not there to win a popularity contest, stand up and protect your rights and those of others. I’ve noticed how supervisors, managers always feed on the weak, the ones who stand in the corner and cry. I always hated that and always stood with my co-workers I felt were being bullied.


      1. Sadly that’s true and in the 10 years I’ve worked at the museum I’ve shed my tears also. Especially when management tried to deny me time off to see my brother Stephen. At home I cried but also thought and planned strategies.
        Although I’m not an official Union Rep when coworkers come to me or I see or find out about discrimination or bullying I immediately look for resources or someone in a position to make proper and correct change. I also Thank God for being in the Union which gives us certain rights and job protection that nonunion staff don’t have.

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