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  1. How true! I discovered that for myself when I established healthy boundaries with certain people in my life years ago!

    They became angry! They did their best to manipulate and emotionally hound me into returning back to how things were!

    I stood my ground and held out against their threats! I was prepared to walk away.

    When my second husband threatened suicide, I calmly told him that whatever he chose to do was his choice as an adult and he would need to deal with whatever consequences arose. This alone threw him into a tailspin and he went down a proverbial rabbit hole. I helped arrange for counseling. I didn’t play the game he wanted me to!

    The counselor met with both of us but after a few times my now ex husband decided he no longer needed to attend and instructed the counselor to fix me! Since it was on my husband’s insurance the counselor had to let me know that he couldn’t continue the sessions without my husband attending!

    The counselor told me he’d leave me with one word he wanted me to research, which was “narcissism”. He said he hadn’t had enough time to do a full analysis of my husband, but based on what he saw and heard, he was leaning towards a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder.

    I encourage people to research this word too, and discover if this fits with the person or people who are not respecting you (readers)!

    Remember, we cannot change anyone else, all we can do is change ourselves!

    When we change our own perceptions of ourselves, alter what we will accept or not from how others treat us, the entire dance changes when we change our dance steps!

    Be prepared to lose the people who are treating you badly when you no longer accept that treatment! If they leave, either emotionally or physically, it means they don’t have the wherewithal to work together with you to create a healthy relationship!

    That’s okay! They’re on a different timeline. They may not be ready to develop the tools needed to create healthy relationships!

    Don’t worry about trying to work on them to help them!

    The task now is to focus on becoming the best version of yourself!

    Nurture yourself! Mother yourself! Become healthy, strong and whole!

    Peace to you all, Tamara

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