Why Good Deeds Doesn’t Equal A Good Life!


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The majority live in the belief that kindness and charity should bring blessings and abundance to all who practice those virtues. Their belief is, “I am good to everybody, therefore everybody ought to be good to me”; and this belief is sound doctrine as far as it goes. But kindness and charity cannot counteract the ill effects of anger and worry. Neither can goodness to mankind remove all the detrimental results that come from fear, mental depression and other destructive states of mind. Those who are good and kind to the world have as a rule just as much sickness and trouble as those who live principally for self. And the reason why is that the good results that should naturally come from good deeds are neutralized or destroyed through the practice of habitual wrong thinking. Such people seem to deserve the best, but they do not receive the best because they daily violate nearly all the laws of mind.

~Christian D.  Larson


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