We Can Remain Strong No Matter What The Circumstances May Be!


Every person produces his own troubles, and the sooner he accepts that fact and ceases to create more trouble, the sooner will trouble, trouble him no more. Some troubles are produced directly, others indirectly, though the person is in each case responsible. We produce our own troubles directly by creating trouble, and we produce them indirectly by willfully or ignorantly going into troubles that others have produced. There are a number of people who suffer from ills they have not produced, but they themselves have gone into those ills; therefore, none others are responsible, not even when those who created the ills are close relations, because we do not have to enter into the troubles of anyone. And what is highly important to know is that we can help those who are in trouble far better when we refuse to be troubled. The mind that becomes troubled becomes weak, but to help others out of trouble we must remain strong, and we can remain strong no matter what the circumstances may be.